2017 Newsletters


July 2017

  • July 14th--Arts Evening and Summer Social
  • New Grads
  • June Symposium recap
  • Sasha Colby's sabbatical
  • Margaret Easton's End-of-life course

May 2017

  • Symposium in June hosted by the University of Washington | Tacoma.
  • Shadbolt Seminar 2017
  • Curated evening with GLS artists
  • Highlights on Roberta Staley and Chris Dabrowski and what they have done with their GLS degree

April 2017

  • Recap of the Martha Nussbaum event with pictures
  • New LS810 Course and new instructor, Mary-Ellen Kelm
  • Long Division, a play by Peter Dickinson, who is on the GLS Steering Committee
  • Exciting news about our PhD students--Julie Andreyev and Andrew Czink
  • Spring Big Idea Seminar Series
  • New Shadbolt GLS Community Scholars.

March 2017

  • West Coast Symposium at University of Washington Tacoma June 16-18th, 2017
  • Martha Nussbaum's evening lecture March 24th, plus a special seminar for GLS students on March 23rd. 
  • Sasha Colby's new Summer Travel Study course in Vancouver
  • Call for artwork for Western Tributaries

January 2017

  • Open Houses: Monday, January 9th and Wednesday, February 22nd
  • The Shadbolt / GLS Big Idea Seminar Series is coming to Port Moody
  • Reminder: Martha Nussbaum Public Lecture on March 24th
  • Faculty Profile: Dr. Sasha Colby
  • PhD and Alumni Spotlight: Margaret Easton & Carol Tulpar