Each year, efforts are made to ensure that the entering class is broadly representative of a cross section of our community, and is as balanced as possible in terms of age, occupation, interests, gender and academic background.  Although our students vary in age and background, they are alike in that all are returning to school with maturity and a breadth of knowledge and experience. Whether business people, doctors, homemakers, teachers, artists, health or legal professionals, or retirees, they seek intellectual enrichment in the company of other motivated, experienced adults.

The Liberal Studies program will be of particular interest to individuals who have been away from formal academic work for some time or whose education was primarily career-oriented, who now wish to broaden their intellectual experience and deepen their cultural awareness.

Although successful completion of the program may result in career benefits for some, it is designed to satisfy wider needs. We seek students who want to read, reflect upon and discuss some of the great works of our intellectual and artistic heritage, to develop new habits of thinking and new perspectives on human values, to hone skills of reading, writing and thoughtful exchange, and to satisfy intellectual curiosity.