SAR Admission Requirements

Special Arrangements will be made only when:

            1. A student is applying to pursue a doctoral degree

            2. The applicant is exceptionally academically able, normally evidenced by:

                    a) a minimum CGPA at the Master’s level of 3.67,
                    b) demonstrated scholarly achievements in the form of first authored papers or
                         conference presentations of research at national or international meetings,
                    c) successful completion of a thesis,
                    d) awards signifying academic excellence

            3. The applicant’s proposed course of study is interdisciplinary and/or cannot be pursued in any one
                existing program

            4. There is little need for additional expenditure of University funds

            5. Expected financial support for the student has been identified

            6. Supervisory support for the student has been identified

The special arrangements made for each individual student must be approved and periodically reviewed by the Special Arrangements Steering Committee. (The Senate Graduate Studies Committee has delegated their duties to the Special Arrangements Steering Committee.)

NOTE: The special arrangements made for an individual student do not set a precedent for other graduate students with similar interests.