SAR Tuition and Fees

The SAR program is classified as a research program. The SFU calendar provides more details on the tuition fees for Graduate Research Programs (approximately $5,200 CDN per year) 

Note: International students in this department pay the same graduate fees as domestic students. 

Ancillary Fees

In addition to tuition fees payable for each term of enrolment, both undergraduate and graduate students pay three further assessments: Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass BC) Student Services and Recreation-Athletics Fees. The SFU calendar provides more details on these ancillary fees. The website on typical costs includes estimated fees for books, health and dental benefits, residence, and meal plan for a full-time research term.

Financial Support

Acceptance into the Special Arrangements program carries no commitment of financial support on the part of the Dean of Graduate Studies or Simon Fraser University. 

However, Special Arrangements students are eligible to apply for a limited number of Graduate Fellowships through the Dean's office and may also apply to any suitable department for a Teaching Assistantship (usually to the department in which a student's senior supervisor holds an academic appointment).

U-Pass BC gives students access to bus, SeaBus and SkyTrain services within Metro Vancouver.