Working Papers Vol. 2

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on East Asian Linguistics (2009)

Editors in Chief: David Potter, Dennis Ryan Storoshenko
Editors: Julian Brooke, Gregory Coppola, Emrah Görgülü, Morgan Mameni, Emma Mileva, Susan Morton, Anne Rimrott 
Copyright (2009) remains with the authors for all papers.

Brian Agbayani1Chris Golston1Toru Ishii2 
California State University, Fresno1
Meiji University2
Prosodic Scrambling in Japanese
Edith Aldridge 
University of Washington
Local and Long Distance Reflexives in Archaic Chinese
Yuko Asada 
Sophia University
Secondary Predication in Japanese and Aspectual Structure
Julian Brooke, Greg Coppola, T.-Y. Vivian Lee, Yang Zhao 
Simon Fraser University
Phrasing, Tempo, and Focus: A Prosodic-Hierarchy Approach to Mandarin Tone Sandhi Domains
Ling-yu Chang 
National Taiwan Normal University
Transitivity and Grounding in Mandarin Chinese
Shin Fukuda 
University of California, San Diego
An Experimental Look at Interactions between Passive and Japanese Aspectual Verbs
Jason Ginsburg 
University of Arizona
Intervention Effect Asymmetry and the EPP
Tomoko Ishizuka
University of California, Los Angeles
CNPC violations and Possessor Raising in Japanese
Tae-Yeoub Jang 
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Automatic Assessment of Non-native Prosody Using 
Rhythm Metrics: Focusing on Korean Speakers’ 
English Pronunciation
Yoonjung Kang
University of Toronto, Scarborough
English /z/ in 1930s Korean

Jieun Kim
University of California, Los Angeles

A Unified Theory of Contrastive Topic and RFR
MinJoo Kim
Texas Tech University
A Fresh Look at the Ambiguity Puzzle of KO ISS Imperfective in Korean
Mariko Kondo1 and Shigeko Shinohara2
Waseda University1, Sophia University2
Phoneme Duration Sensitivity in L2 Adaptation in Japanese –Phonological Parsing Rules in Different Phonological Units
Yu-Da Lai and Li-Chin Yang 
MingDao University, National Taiwan Normal University
Consonant Acquisition in Taiwanese: A Functional Optimality-Theoretic Account
Yuwen Lai, Christopher Huff, Joan Sereno, Allard Jongman 
University of Kansas 
The Raising Effect of Aspirated Prevocalic Consonants on F0 in Taiwanese
Jonathan Lim
Trinity Western University
Register Phenomena in Shanghai
Shu-Yen Lin 
National Taiwan Normal University

Chinese Ellipsis Processing

Yen-Hwei Lin
Michigan State University
Contrast Preservation in Morphophonology: Diminutive Rime Change in Hong’an Chinese
Xuexin Liu
Spelman College
Japanese Polite Forms and Pragmatic Functions
Sumiyo Nishiguchi
Osaka University
(Non)floating Quantifiers in Japanese
Miki Obata 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Determining Phonetic Feature Distribution: How to "Pronounce" Three Types of A' Movement
Mira Oh 
Chonnam National University
The Phonetics and Phonology of English Voiced Stop Adaptation in Korean
Eun-Hae Park 
University of Chicago
An Expressive Analysis of -na in Korean and its Free Choice component
Jong Un Park
Georgetown University
Decomposition of -iss in the DAT-NOM Construction in Korean
Eric Rosen 
University of British Columbia
Japanese loanword accentuation: epenthesis and foot form interacting through edge-interior alignment
Yosuke Sato 
University of British Columbia
Gapping in Japanese = Coordinate + Dependent Ellipsis
Ryosuke Shibagaki
University of London
Affected Roles and Linking in Mandarin Resultatives
Yukio Takahashi
Morioka College
A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Clausal Linkage in Japanese
Jung-yueh Tu1 and Stuart Davis2
Simon Fraser University1, Indiana University2
Japanese Loanwords into Taiwanese Southern Min
Longxing Wei
Montclair State University
Address Terms in China: Social Change as a Driving Force for Language Change
Xianghua Wu, Jung-yueh Tu,Yue Wang 
Simon Fraser University
Processing of Japanese Pitch Accent by Native and Non-native Listeners
Ching-yu Yang
National Chiao Tung University 
The Semantic and Syntactic Differences of Mandarin Complex Verb-Direction Constructions
Foong Ha Yap, Charles Tsz-kwan Lam, Jiao Wang 
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Clausal Integration and the Emergence of Sentence-Final Particles in Chinese: A Comparison of er yi yi and ye yi yi