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BC Aging Re database contains over 1800 citations of work by BC authors on individual or population-aging-related topics published between 1984 and the present. It lists journal articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, and reports as well as theses on aging-related topics. Pertinent research topics include: adult education, demographics and lifestyle, elder abuse, health and aging, alzheimer's/dementia, and housing and the built environment. This database is capable of performing an advanced Boolean search and sorting. It is our goal to post all aging related publications by BC researchers within this database.

To submit citations for inclusion in this database, please email secretariat@bcnar.ca. Citations should be submitted in APA format. Please also supply keywords for each citation

For further information on aging-related research published by authors resident in BC from 1950-1988 see:

Bojanowski, B.C., Trevor-Smith, S., Holliday, S., & Gutman, G.M. (1984). Research on Aging in British Columbia: An Annotated Bibliography 1950-1983. Burnaby, BC: The Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University.

Cooper, M., & Mori, M. Annotated Bibliography of B.C. Publications on Aging: 1984-1988. Vancouver, BC: The Gerontology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University.

Please note that this database is currently a work in progress. The"All Indexed Fields" in 'Advanced Search' will only work if terms are keyed in exactly as they appear in a record (e.g., "gutman, g.m." NOT "gutman").

We suggest carrying out searches using "Primary Author" or "Primary Title," in 'Advanced Search' as entries do not have to be exactly as they appear in a record (e.g., "gutman" will work as a search term). Please refer to the "Search Strategies" section, below, for further help.


Search Strategies

In addition to searching the Database using a known 'author' or 'title', the following 'keywords' or 'shortcut keyword terms' can be used when using 'Keywords [7]' in the drop-down search menu list. Please note that the list below does not contain all the keywords we have used to classify the entries. We will add more keyword terms to this list as the database is further developed.:

General Subject 'shortcut keyword terms'
• Adult Education = 'AE'
• Demography and Lifestyle = 'DL'
• Elder Abuse = 'EA'
• Health and Aging = 'HA'
• Housing and Built Environment = 'HBE'

Genre Search
• Book = 'Book'
• Book Chapter = 'Chp' or 'chapter'
• Conference Proceeding = 'Proceeding'
• Journal Article = 'JA' or 'article'
• Honours Theses = 'BA'
• Masters Project = 'Project and Masters'
• Masters Theses = 'Theses'
• PhD. Theses = 'PhD' or 'Dissertation'
• Report = 'Report'
• Type of degree = 'MA' or 'MSc' or 'MEd' or 'Med'

Death and Bereavement
• Palliative care
• Death and dying

Demography/Academic Institution
• Type name of place (e.g. British Columbia or Japan)
• 'SFU'/'UBC'/'UNBC'/'UVIC' etc.

Economic Issues
• Income
• Retirement
• Pensions

Government, Law and Policy
• Advocacy
• Guardianship
• Public policy
• Social policy
• Health policy

• Men/Male
• Women/Female
• Ethnicity
• Physical activity
• Physiology
• Falls
• Rehabilitation
• Assistive devices
• Mental illness and mental health
• Pharmacology
• Dementia
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Depression
• Cognitive impairment
• Health promotion
• Nutrition
• Fitness
• Drugs and aging
• Substance abuse
• Alcohol

Housing and the Built Environment
• Environmental design
• Housing
• Housing (needs, policy, etc.)
• Economics of housing
• Affordable housing
• Living arrangements
• Aging in place
• Supportive housing
• Assisted living

Institutional and Non-Institutional Care
• Continuing care
• Family caregiving
• Support services
• Respite care
• Adult day centre
• Home care
• Personal response system
• Hospital
• Long term care



Psychological Aspects

• Perception
• Cognition
• Cognitive functions
• Personality
• Behaviour


Research and Education
• Statistical analysis
• Methodology
• Research methods
• Longitudinal
• Measurement tools


Social Gerontology
• Communication
• Status and role
• Social position
• Ageism
• Primary relations
• Family relations
• Marriage
• Social support
• Informal support
• Disability
• Community
• Cross cultural/ethnicity
• Rural/urban
• Transportation
• Social pathology
• Violence
• Elder abuse