2nd Annual Ellen M. Gee Memorial Lecture

EGML2004 -  "Sentenced by a Metaphor: Living with Age"
Presented 22 October 2004 by
Dr. Susan A. McDaniel, FRSC, Vice-President Research & Professor of Sociology, University of Windsor


"You don't look your age" "...not as old as I look..." "Aging fast"
We are all victims of an imagined age trajectory, and therefore we are all walking liars since living with age is different for each of us, and yet presumed to be in common, once the number is known of the birthday last celebrated... or not. We are not socialized to be old, even in this aging society. And if we do live beyond what we or others expect as appropriate, we are asked what our secret is, or by implication, how we dare outlive our usefulness! Aging and its accompanying metaphors (decline, decay, deceleration) sentences us to deny aging as a process. The clash between our aging and policies premised on metaphors of aging are explored.

This lecture took place 22 October 2004 in conjunction with the 33rd Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting of the Canadian Association on Gerontology – "A Long Look at Later Life: Diverse Perspectives" held 21-23 October in Victoria, BC.