Friesen Conference Series

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2017: 26th Friesen Conference: Promoting Mental Health in Later Life: Mobilizing Knowledge into Practice 

2016: 25th Friesen Conference: Late Life Issues and Innovations   (video presentations)

2015: 24th Friesen Conference: Harnessing Technology for Aging-in-Place (video presentations)

2014: 23rd Friesen Conference: Housing Alternatives for an Aging Population  (video presentations)

2013: 22nd Friesen Conference: Taboo Topics in Residential Care (video presentations)

2012: 21st Friesen Conference: Innovations in Home Care: A Public Policy Perspective (video presentations)

2011: 20th Friesen Conference: Growing Old in a Changing Climate: Exploring the Interface Between Population Aging and Global Warming (video presentations)

2010: SPECIAL John K. Friesen Public Forum for Seniors "Gerontechnologies for health, aging in place and fun: What’s there for me?" Held in conjunction with 7th World Conference of the International Society for Gerontechnology

2009: 19th Friesen Conference: Staying Active, Staying Healthy: Aging Well in Contemporary Society

2008: 18th Friesen Conference: Aging in Place 2008: Issues of Affordability, Accessibility and Service

2007: 17th Friesen Conference: Active Aging and the Built Environment: Health for All

2006: 16th Friesen Conference: Aging, Ageism and Abuse: Moving from Awareness to Action

2005: 15th Friesen Conference: Quality of Life at the End of Life: Decisions and Choices (video presentations)

2004: 14th Friesen Conference: The Romanow Report Two Years Later: Impact on Health Care in Canada

2002: 13th Friesen Conference: Boomers Come of Retirement Age: What are the Prospects?

2001: 12th Friesen Conference: The Changing Location of Long Term Care: The Seamless Integration of Technology-enhanced Health Care in the Home and Community; SEE ALSO: SHUPv11n1

2000: 11th Friesen Conference: Who Cares? Looking After the Elderly in an Aging Population; SEE ALSO: GRCNv19n2 2000

1999: 10th Friesen Conference: Building a Society for All Ages: Community-University Partnerships in Research, Education and Services for Older Adults; SEE ALSO - GRCNv18n2 1999 Special Friesen Issue

1998: 9th Friesen Conference: The Overselling of Population Aging: Apocalyptic Demography and Intergenerational Challenges

1997: 8th Friesen Conference: Moving Forward: Seniors and the New Adult Guardianship Legislation

1996: 7th Friesen Conference: Productive Aging: Meeting the Challenge of a New Old Age

1995: 6th Friesen Conference: Rethinking Retirement: A Conference on Issues for the 21st Century

1994: 5th Friesen Conference: Rights and Responsibilities: A Working Conference for the Development of Professional and Business Ethics in Dealing with the Abuse of Older Adults

1992: 4th Friesen Conference: Pathways to Fitness in Later Life 

1991: 3rd Friesen Conference: Don’t Keep Your Head Down - Facing the Impact of Retirement Today and Tomorrow

1990: 2nd Friesen Conference: Growing Older in Canada and Japan

1989: 1st Friesen Conference: Serving Small Town Seniors Better: Issues and Innovations in Housing, Support Services and Transportation