Friesen Conference Series

John K. Friesen contributed vision and leadership wherever he lived and worked. In British Columbia, he has a distinguished record of public service with many organizations and as a major contributor to the Gerontology Research Centre’s research, teaching, and information dissemination activities. He established the John K. Friesen Conference in Gerontology to provide an important source of professional development to those working with seniors and to act as a catalyst for new research.

2015: 24th Friesen Conference: Harnessing Technology for Aging-in-Place

2014: 23rd Friesen Conference: Housing Alternatives for an Aging Population (video presentations)

2013: 22nd Friesen Conference: Taboo Topics in Residential Care (video presentations)

2012: 21st Friesen Conference: Innovations in Home Care: A Public Policy Perspective (video presentations)

2011: 20th Friesen Conference: Growing Old in a Changing Climate: Exploring the Interface Between Population Aging and Global Warming (video presentations)

2010: SPECIAL John K. Friesen Public Forum for Seniors "Gerontechnologies for health, aging in place and fun: What’s there for me?" Held in conjunction with 7th World Conference of the International Society for Gerontechnology

2009: 19th Friesen Conference: Staying Active, Staying Healthy: Aging Well in Contemporary Society

2008: 18th Friesen Conference: Aging in Place 2008: Issues of Affordability, Accessibility and Service

2007: 17th Friesen Conference: Active Aging and the Built Environment: Health for All

2006: 16th Friesen Conference: Aging, Ageism and Abuse: Moving from Awareness to Action

2005: 15th Friesen Conference: Quality of Life at the End of Life: Decisions and Choices (video presentations)

2004: 14th Friesen Conference: The Romanow Report Two Years Later: Impact on Health Care in Canada

2002: 13th Friesen Conference: Boomers Come of Retirement Age: What are the Prospects?

2001: 12th Friesen Conference: The Changing Location of Long Term Care: The Seamless Integration of Technology-enhanced Health Care in the Home and Community

2000: 11th Friesen Conference: Who Cares? Looking After the Elderly in an Aging Population

1999: 10th Friesen Conference: Building a Society for All Ages: Community-University Partnerships in Research, Education and Services for Older Adults

1998: 9th Friesen Conference: The Overselling of Population Aging: Apocalyptic Demography and Intergenerational Challenges

1997: 8th Friesen Conference: Moving Forward: Seniors and the New Adult Guardianship Legislation

1996: 7th Friesen Conference: Productive Aging: Meeting the Challenge of a New Old Age

1995: 6th Friesen Conference: Rethinking Retirement: A Conference on Issues for the 21st Century

1994: 5th Friesen Conference: Rights and Responsibilities: A Working Conference for the Development of Professional and Business Ethics in Dealing with the Abuse of Older Adults

1992: 4th Friesen Conference: Pathways to Fitness in Later Life 

1991: 3rd Friesen Conference: Don’t Keep Your Head Down - Facing the Impact of Retirement Today and Tomorrow

1990: 2nd Friesen Conference: Growing Older in Canada and Japan

1989: 1st Friesen Conference: Serving Small Town Seniors Better: Issues and Innovations in Housing, Support Services and Transportation