14th John K. Friesen Conference

“The Romanow Report 2 Years Later: Impact on Health Care in Canada”

May 20 and 21 -- 2004

The Simon Fraser University Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) is pleased to announce that the keynote speaker for the 14th John K. Friesen Conference is Roy J. Romanow, QC.

Mr. Romanow is well known for his services as Chair of the Commission on the Future of Health Care that produced Building on Values: The Future of Health Care in Canada  also referred to as the Romanow Report; Premier of the province of Saskatchewan; and Senior Policy Fellow at both the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina.

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Wendy Armstrong

Board Member, Consumer’s Association of Canada (Alberta) and Pharma-Watch
(1) Presentation
(2) Supporting Article

Robert Evans

Senior Research Associate, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research; Professor, Economics, UBC
Presentation  (charts and tables of Friesen presentation)

Tom Koch
Adjunct Professor, SFU Gerontology & UBC Geography Departments

Mary Pat MacKinnon
Director, Public Involvement Network, Canadian Policy Research Networks

Gregory P. Marchildon
Canada Research Chair, Public Policy and Economic History, University of Regina; Former Executive Director, Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada

Steve Morgan
Lead Researcher, Pharmacy Policy, Centre for Health Services Policy Research, UBC