17th John K. Friesen Conference

"Active Aging and the Built Environment: Health for All"

8-9 June 8-9, 2007


The theme of this 1.5 day symposium recognizes the importance of taking an active approach in meeting the challenges of population aging. It also recognizes the important role that the built environment can play in enhancing the health and well being of today’s and tomorrow’s older population. Our plan is to explore ways of removing barriers and increasing the age-friendliness of the various settings in which older people spend their time, examine the links between the location and design of housing, shopping, restaurants and service areas, parks and recreational settings and the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the country; and the implications for various sub-groups of the population of increasing the walkability of our communities. One size may not fit all – the World Health Organization’s Active Ageing policy framework highlights the need to take culture and gender into account in examining all policies and programs. Current and planned health, housing and lifestyle initiatives targeted to the aging population need to be examined from the perspective of these two cross-cutting variables. We also need to the sensitive to four key planning principles, identified in the BC Ministry of Health’s recent symposium on Active Aging, that are important considerations that will guide the development of provincial, regional, and local active aging plans and actions. These are: inclusiveness, evidence, communication, sustainability and leadership. Some “how to’s” and “best practices” will be presented as a guide for achieving these goals.



Ethan M. Berke, M.D. M.P.H., Assistant Professor, Community and Family Medicine, Center for the Evaluative Clinical Sciences, Dartmouth Medical School; and Investigator, Cancer Control Research Program, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. PRESENTATION

Suzanne Carter-Huffman, Senior Planner, City of Richmond. PRESENTATION

Tessa Graham, MA, Executive Director for Healthy Children, Women and Seniors within the Population Health and Wellness Division of the BC Ministry of Health. PRESENTATION 1 PRESENTATION 2 (PLEASE NOTE: PRESENATION 2 SHOULD BE DOWNLOADED TO YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE OPENING)

Eunju Hwang, PhD, BC Real Estate Foundation Post-doctoral Fellow in Environmental Gerontology. PRESENTATION

Taeil Kim, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of the Major of Architectural Design program, Faculty of Architecture, Cheju National University, Republic of Korea. PRESENTATION

Ann Sarte, MA candidate, Department of Gerontology at Simon Fraser University. PRESENTATION

Sepia Sharma, Regional Coordinator for Vancouver Coastal Health-Seniors Falls & Injury Prevention Initiative. PRESENTATION