18th John K. Friesen Conference

"Aging in Place 2008: Issues of Affordability, Accessibility and Service"
May 28-29, 2008


The notion of ‘Aging in Place’ has become an important component in redefining health and housing policy for older people in recent years. Enabling older people to remain living at home is seen as fundamentally and positively contributing to an increase in well-being, independence, social participation and healthy aging. Furthermore, living in the community is often seen as a less expensive option than moving to supportive environments, such as nursing homes. The idea of ‘Aging in Place’ balances the demands of living independently at home against the functional and health circumstances of the older person. Interest in this area tends to either look at the barriers or facilitators to independent living and to explore new approaches and develop solutions to enable older people to remain living at home. The conference addresses these in terms of three key dimensions of accessibility, affordability and the provision of community services and support. The 2008 Friesen conference comprises three plenary sessions with speakers from Canada and abroad covering key issues in: a) Providing Services for ‘Aging in Place’; b) Perspectives from Around BC for ‘Aging in Place’; and c) Making Housing More Affordable for ‘Aging in Place’. The conference also includes a number of panel sessions where researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from around British Columbia will share their knowledge and experiences. One panel session looks at different perspectives and experiences of ‘Aging in Place’ from around British Columbia. The format of these sessions will provide an excellent opportunity for conference participants to ask questions and discuss the emerging issues.



Robert Bowden, P.Eng., PhD, Founder, Alzheimer’s Care Centre: Presentation

Craig Crawford, Vice President, Development Services, British Columbia Housing Management Commission: Presentation

M. Elaine Cress, Professor, Kinesiology, University of Georgia: Presentation

Fabio Feldman, Manager, Seniors Falls and Injury Prevention, Fraser Health Authority: Presentation

Marcus J. Hollander, PhD, President, Hollander Analytical Services Ltd: Presentation

Val MacDonald, Executive Director, Seniors Services Society: Presentation

Richard Sam, Market Analyst, CMHC: Presentation

Anthea Tinker, CBE, PhD, FKC, AcSS, FRSA, Professor, Social Gerontology, King’s College London: Presentation

Monica Townson, President, Monica Townson Associates, Toronto: Presentation