19th John K. Friesen Conference

"Staying Active, Staying Healthy: Aging Well in Contemporary Society"

23-24 April 2009


Recent years has seen the aging of populations worldwide as a result of improved standards of living and advances in health care. Today, Canadians can expect to live ten to fifteen years longer than we did in the 1960s. Our aim should not just be about extending quantity of life, but also quality of life. This year’s John K. Friesen Conference focuses on staying active and staying healthy and looks at what both individuals and services need to do to ensure everyone enjoys a good quality of life in old age. The conference includes keynote speakers who are known internationally for their expertise in this area. Gareth Jones challenges us to raise our sights and become “Olympians”, if we are to enjoy a healthy old age. Andrew Wister looks at healthy lifestyle behaviours, showing that many health indicators reveal improvement for older adults today, but that things could be improved, more especially physical activity and eating. Fabio Feldman talks about his research on falls and older people, which are the leading cause of injury in later life, having a very significant impact on patterns of mobility, activity and health. In addition to the keynote talks there are four panel sessions on: healthy lifestyles; the importance of keeping physically, mentally and socially active; the role of homes and neighbourhoods in supporting active lifestyles and what practitioners and local services can do to help. The panel sessions will include brief presentations by speakers, but will emphasise questions and answers and lively discussion.

2009: 19th Friesen Conference Speakers/Chairs Biographies


Alan Aberbach, Seniors Program, Continuing Studies, SFU

Habib Chaudhury, Department of Gerontology, SFU

Debbie Cheong, Osteofit, BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

Eunju Hwang, Gerontology Research Centre, SFU

Gareth Jones, Assistant Professor, Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC Okanagan

Morley Lipsett, Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology, SFU

Sharon Meredith, BC Recreation and Parks Association

William Miller, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, UBC

June Parsons, President BC Seniors Games Society

Juan Gabriel Solorzano, Vancouver Coast Health and Mark Pickersgill, Research and Dissemination Coordinator for the Roundhouse Mews Arts, Health and Seniors Project

Andrew Wister, Chair, Department of Gerontology, SFU

Jay Young, Century House, New Westminster Parks and Recreation