Ryan Woolrych

Adjunct Professor, GRC

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International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG)


Ryan Woolrych completed his PhD in the UK for the Research Institute for Social Change (RIHSC) at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he examined the impact of urban regeneration initiatives on the health and well-being of marginalised and excluded groups. His research interests include: health and the built environment; home, identity and belonging; senor homelessness; and aging-in-place. Ryan has framed much of his research within a participative framework, engaging older people as co-researchers in the data collection, analysis and dissemination phases of research and utilizing visual methods including photography and video diaries. Ryan has a track record of successfully delivering projects for research funding councils in the UK and the National Health Service working alongside healthcare professionals (community nurses, GPs), service users (older people with dementia and COPD), voluntary and community sector groups and informal carers. Ryan was appointed BC Real Estate Foundation Fellow in September 2012. In this position, Ryan developed relationships with service providers, developed funding proposals in partnership with community organisations, published peer-reviewed papers in the area of housing and seniors and is Editor/Contributor to the "Seniors' Housing Update" newsletter (affectionately known as SHUP). 

In May 2014 Ryan was appointed Assistant Professor in the School of the Built Environment at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. He was also appointed Adjunct Professor at the Gerontology Research Centre where he will continue to collaborate on funded research projects with Professor Sixsmith.'

Dr. Woolrych is also the Secretary General for the International Society for Gerontechnology (ISG).