IAGG 2013 Digital Ageing

The 20th IAGG World Congress of
Gerontology and Geriatrics -

"Digital Ageing: A New Horizon for
Health Care and Active Ageing"

June 23-27, 2013, Seoul, Korea

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Presidential Symposia
Seniors, Disasters, and Climate Change -
"Lessons for Response, Recovery,
Mitigation and Prevention "

June 26, 2013

AgeUK Invitation to Presidential Symposium


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Convenor & Chair: Gloria Gutman (Canada)

Seniors, Disasters & Climate Change
ABSTRACT: Gloria Gutman

Aslam Perwaiz
(Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Thailand)

Role of Elderly in Disaster Preparedness: Linking Knowledge to Capacity Development
ABSTRACT: Aslam Perwaiz

Fransiskus Kupang
(Coalition of Services of the Elderly, Philippines)

Older People Initiatives in Building Resilient Communities and their Capacity in Times of Emergency
Older People Taking the Lead in Community Drills as Part of DRR Activities - video
ABSTRACT: Fransiskas Kupang

Godfred Paul
(HelpAge / International, Thailand)

Moving to resilience: The evolving role of HelpAge International in multi-risk environments affecting older people
ABSTRACT: Godfred Paul

Margaret Gillis
(Senior Director, Division of Children, Seniors and Healthy Development, Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada)

Working Towards Empowerment of Canadian Seniors in Disasters and Emerge video
ABSTRACT: Margaret Gillis

Alan R Thomas
(Climate Consultant to the World Meteorological Organization)

Climate Change Science & the Elderly