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Stephen Ameyaw Dr. Martin Laba (Ph.D., Memorial University of Newfoundland) is the Director of SFU's School of Communication. His long-term research addresses communication/education for social change, with a focus on the research, analysis, design, and implementation of media interventions and education iniatives to address urgent and critical social issues at the community level in national and international contexts. He developed the area of Applied Communication for Social Issues, and designed a wide range of communication/education strategies to address issues including: HIV/AIDS (prevention, stigmatization, and other issues); community/population health and the social determinants of health; international development; human rights; First Nations/treaty issues; youth and risk; and numerous other issues and social challenges. He has conducted research and has carried out projects in south Asia, southeast Asia, China, and west Africa, as well as North America, and he has worked with NGOs, community-based groups, and government agencies on a wide range of communication/education development projects. HIV/AIDS (prevention; stigmatization; human rights) has been a key part of his research, and he has worked with many and diverse organizations and agencies to develop and carry out effective and sustained communication in this field.


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