Groundwater Flow Systems in Mountain Regions

The image above shows a mountain watershed in the Okanagan Basin. Shown (in red) are representative groundwater flow pathlines that contribute to Mountain Block Recharge (MBR). Shown (in green) is recharge to the water table, which is a subdued replica of topography. Local, intermediate and regional groundwater flow lines are shown (in black). Groundwater flow also contributes to baseflow in mountain streams, sustaining flows during the dry season.

Saturated groundwater flow in Daves Creek in the Okanagan Basin was modeled to show contributions of deep groundwater flow to mountain block recharge (MBR) and higher and lower order streams in the watershed as illustrated in the figures below.
Deep groundwater flow contributions to MBR (red), the main stream (green) and lower order streams (blue)

This work was done by Laurie Welch (PhD, 2012)