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Hydrogeology Courses

Graduate (Calendar Descriptions)

  • EASC 601 (Advanced Groundwater Geochemistry)
  • EASC 602 (Environmental Isotopes)
  • EASC 603 (Field Techniques in Hydrogeology)
  • EASC 613 (Groundwater Modeling)
  • EASC 623 (Groundwater Resource Evaluation)
  • Graduate Equivalent to EASC 405
  • Graduate Equivalent to EASC 410
  • Special Topics Courses (as described below)

Undergraduate (Calendar Descriptions)

  • EASC 304 (Hydrogeology)
  • EASC 315 (Geochemistry of Natural Waters)
  • EASC 405 (Water Cycles and Resources: Environmental and Climate Change Impacts)
  • EASC 410 (Groundwater Contamination and Transport)
  • EASC 416 (Field Techniques in Hydrogeology)

Special Topics Courses

In addition to the regular courses listed in the University Calendar, a variety of three-credit Special Topics course may be completed at the graduate and/or undergraduate level. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Transport Modelling - Techniques for modelling contaminant and/or heat transport are introduced through informal discussions, problem assignments and a term project.

Environmental Geophysics – Applications of geophysical techniques to environmental problems.

Geothermics and Geothermal Energy - An introduction to heat flow, high temperature geothermal energy, and aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES).

Groundwater Recharge and Climate Change - Topics in climate change / variability science (e.g., modeling, downscaling, historical variability, climate proxies), fundamentals of groundwater rechrage, the impacts of climate change on groundwater recharge.

Numerical Methods in Hydrogeology - Introduction to the mathematical formulation and computer implementation (code-writing) for finite difference and finite element methods used in hydrogeology. Knowledge of differential equations used in hydrogeology and FORTRAN is highly recommended.