GSWS Student Union

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Student Union's (GSWSSU) mandate is to promote student interests within the GSWS program, the SFSS, the university, and the community at large. 


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GSWS Student Union Executive Profiles

Only those students who wished to have their profile on our website are included.

My name is Tyra Gilbert (she/her pronouns) and I am a GSWS Major. The GSWS program has made a huge impact on every detail in my life, and has completely changed how I think. I am the social media director for the GSWS student union. Being a part of this student union has been a great way for me to become closer to my fellow GSWS-ers as well as being further involved with SFU in a very positive way.


My name is Maki Cairns (she/her pronouns) and I am the Treasurer for the GSWSSU. GSWS is important to me because it has furthered my understanding around issues like gender, sexuality, and race. It has also impacted the way I think about the world and my place in it. I feel very privileged to be in a program with so many amazing individuals.

My name is Margarita Tellez Espana (she/her pronouns) and I am the Special Events/ Communication coordinator for the GSWSSU. I am doing a joint-major in Sociology and GSWS with an extended minor in French. For me, the GSWS is one of the most important departments at SFU. I have learned so much about the world, people and, society through my GSWS courses. However, the most important thing it has taught is empathy and compassion.

My name is Brianna Price (she/her pronouns) and I am an English major with a minor in GSWS. My role is GSWSSU Secretary. Why GSWS is important to me? Issues that relate to gender, sexuality and women are central to the world we live in and to my life as a person. When we study them, we discover so much more about the world - and see the ways that it helps and hinders us.

My name is Jake Castro (he/him pronouns) and I am the Special Events Co-ordinator in my fourth year in progress of completing the Criminology major, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies minor, and Legal Studies Certificate. GSWS is important to me because of the intersection the discipline has with academia and activism, teaching students how to be critical in the classroom while advocating for change in the community.

My name is Hannah Norlin and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I major in GSWS and I minor in Philosophy with a concentration in law. I got involved with the student union last year, and now my GSWSSU role is co-chair! GSWS is important to me because I want to be as educated as I can so I can help those who face systematic oppression whether it be due to gender, sexuality, or race.

My name is Emily Westfall (she/her pronouns). I am the Co-Chair of GSWSSU, in my second year at SFU, and majoring in GSWS and minoring in Sociology. I have found my home in this program over the past year and could not be more grateful for the connections and friendships I have made with like-minded individuals. GSWS has made an immeasurable impact on my way of thinking. I use what I've learned in my academics and my every day life, and hope to keep learning and growing everyday throughout my journey at SFU.

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