GSWS Student Union

Hello GSWS majors, minors, and students taking at least 1 GSWS course this semester!

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Student Union (GSWSSU) will be holding our meetings of the Spring 2018 semester on Fridays at 12:00pm in the GSWS Lounge (AQ 5102).

We plan fun on-campus events (movie screenings, seminars/panels, BBQs, bake sales, etc.), contribute to Faculty conversations within our department, represent the student union within the community (through attending SFU events, community fundraisers, local protests, and more) and hold fundraisers for feminist organizations in the community!

Being on the GSWSSU also looks great on your resume, as it provides experience in volunteer coordination, team-building/collaborative work, event planning, and many other valuable skills!

The GSWSSU is looking to increase our membership and urge all who are interested in the GSWS Department, on-campus goings-ons and gender equality (yay!) to come to a meeting and see if the GSWSSU is right for you! Any GSWS students are welcome to attend a meeting at any time of the semester.

You can visit our Facebook page here to find out a bit more: and join our members' Facebook group here:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at

Hope to see you at an upcoming meeting!


GSWSSU Feminist Trivia Night

Event Details:

When: Wednesday April 4th @ 6 pm
Where: Club Ilia 8902 University High Street, Burnaby
Who: this event welcomes all those interested in GSWS

Join our year-end event trivia night! The GSWSSU invites you all for a fun night of friends,food and feminism.

The questions will range from pop culture to feminist theory.It’s a mix of pop culture and general knowledge with a feminist flair.

You don’t need to be an expert to win!

Links Below:

Tickets Via Eventbrite:

GSWSSU Elections

On April 6th @ 12:30 pm we will be holding our elections for the 2018-2019 year! Want to get involved with your student union this upcoming school year?

Not able to make it in person but want to hold a position, or want to get involved? Feel free to message this page! You can run for a position even if you cant be there in person!

More details about the positions:
- Facilitates meetings,
- Organizes and presents agenda to the membership,
- Liaisons with other departments, groups, and Faculty,
- Oversees all events, fundraisers, and other Union activities

- Maintains financial records of the union,
- Updates members on status of finances,
- Is a signing officer of the union,
- Provides a liaison between the union and all sources of funding for the union

- Responsible for maintaining minutes of meetings and organizing the agenda beforehand,
- Responsible for uploading meeting minutes to the SFSS DSU portal

Communications Coordinator
- Regularly updates all social media channels with internal and external events and notifications
- Facilitates internal communications within the union
- Notifies members of event or meeting changes
- Actively utilizes all social media channels to find noteworthy content to share

Special Events Coordinator
- Assists in planning and implementing events and fundraisers within the Union
- Event planning duties: emails, catering, room bookings, day-of activities, etc.

SFSS Council Representative
- Regularly attends SFSS Council meetings
- Reports activities of Council the Union

Department Committee Representative
- Regularly attends the GSWS Department meetings on behalf of the Union,
- Reports activities of the Department to the Union,
- Represents Union in matters related to GSWS students
- Offer voice and vote in regards to Departmental proposals

Graduate Student Liaison
- Is a member of the GSWS Graduate Student Union
- Reports activities of the GSWS Graduate Student Union to the Undergraduate Union
- Acts as a connection between undergraduate and graduate students in the department of GSWS

Some of the GSWSSU at the joint DSU BBQ in July!

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Student Union's (GSWSSU) mandate is to promote student interests within the GSWS program, the SFSS, the university, and the community at large.  Click here to visit their Facebook page.