Mary Shearman

Mary Shearman, PhD Candidate

Call for research participants:

Did you used to dance at The Penthouse Nightclub in Vancouver? Do you want to contribute to a history project on erotic dancing? Are you over 19 years of age?

If you worked at The Penthouse between 1978 and 2007 and want to share your experiences (confidentially) and be part of a local history project on erotic dancing, then you may consider being a part of this study.

To get more information or to schedule an interview please contact Mary at:
(604) 561-8416 or

Mary Shearman is a PhD candidate in Women’s Studies.  Mary pursued her BA (honours) in Theatre at the University of Ottawa and completed her MA (thesis: Betty Lambert’s Plays for Children: A Feminist Approach to Theatre for Young Audiences) in Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University. Mary Shearman’s current research explores the history of The Penthouse Nightclub in Vancouver, Canada's longest standing exotic nightclub. Mary is approaching the Penthouse as a case study that illustrates the relationship between dancers, the law and the larger community over an extended period of time. The Penthouse has survived numerous waves of moral crackdown and aggressive development in the city. It is an extremely important venue in local sex history (and is thus a huge draw for a budding sex historian…) Mary has recently taught a class in Women’s Studies focusing on Showgirls: Performance, Embodiment and Sexuality. Mary volunteers with FIRST, a national group which advocates for the decriminalization of sex work in Canada.