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Downriver Halkomelem
(Hul'q'umin'um' or Hun'q'umin'um')

     Downriver Halkomelem is spoken in the Lower Mainland in the Fraser River delta and up the Fraser River to Fort Langley. Currently there are only a couple of Elders from Musqueam and Coquitlam who still speak this dialect. There are very few internal differences among downriver speakers, though one row of houses in Musqueam changed /l/ to /n/ in many words. We have found lexical differences within Downriver for only a couple of words.
     The Downriver data in this project come from two sources. The ethnobiological information comes from the field research of Wayne Suttles with Katzie Elder Simon Pierre and the field research of Donna Gerdts with Katzie Elder Richard Bailey. The words in the Downriver audio files were spoken by Richard Bailey, recorded by Philip Davis and Donna Gerdts in the 1960s and 1970s.