Credits to the Elders

The information on this website represents the collective knowledge of many different Halkomelem elders. We thank them for sharing their knowledge with us. It is their hope that future generations will learn about the Halkomelem language and culture.


Island Halkomelem Speakers:

Wilfred Aleck (Chemainus)
Anne Bob (Nanoose)
Jim Bob (Nanoose)
Leonard Edwards (Nanoose)
May Frenchie (Nanaimo)
Hazel Good (Nanaimo)
Arnold Guerin (Kuper Island and Musqueam)
Margaret James (Nanaimo)
Stanley James (Nanaimo)
Arthur Joe (Cowichan)
Alfred Louie (Chemainus)
Emily Manson (Nanaimo)
Dora Sampson (Chemainus)
Steve Sampson, Sr. (Chemainus)
Bill Seward (Nanaimo)
Chester Thomas (Nanaimo)
Eva Thomas (Nanaimo)
Theresa Thorne (Cowichan)
Anderson Tommy (Nanaimo)
Ellen White (Nanaimo)
George Wyse (Nanaimo)


Downriver Speakers:

Richard Bailey (Katzie) Simon Pierre (Katzie)

Upriver Speakers:  
Ella Angus (Agassiz)
Edna Bobb (Seabird Island)
Louise Bolan (Squamish)
Peter Bolan (Kilgard)
Tillie Borden (Chilliwack)
Danny Charlie (Skway)
Madeline Charlie (Skowkale)
Wilfred Charlie (Skowkale)
Mandy Charnley (Mission)
Laura Cheer (Popkum)
Amy Cooper (Soowahlie)
Seraphine Dick (Scowlitz)
Amelia Douglas (Cheam)
Maggie Emery (Yale)
Dolly Felix (Chehalis)
John George (Aitchelitz)
Al Gutierrez (Chawathil)
Tillie Guiterrez (Chawathil)
Lena Hope (Seabird Island)
Lucy Jackson (Chawathil)
Lawrence James (Union Bar)
Martha James (Skway)
Myrtle Johnny (Skawahlook)
Lizzie Johnson (Seabird Island)
Stan Jones (Ohamil)
Flora Julian (Matsqui)
Agnes Kelly (Ohamil)
Francis Kelly (Soowahlie)
Philomena Kelly (Lakahahmen)
Ed Leon (Chehalis)
Ann Lindley (Chilliwack)
Adeline Lorenzetto (Ohamil)
Joe Lorenzetto (Peters)
Happy (Albert) Louie (Nooksack)
Jean McIntyre (Seabird Island)
Helen McKay (Matsqui)
Teresa Michell (Cheam)
Hank Pennier (Scowlitz)
Maggie Pennier (Scowlitz)
Evangeline Pete (Chawathil)
Bertha Peters (Seabird Island)
Susan Peters (Union Bar)
Mabel Peters (Seabird Island)
Bill Phillips (Chehalis)
Nancy Phillips (Chehalis)
Alice (Point) Charlie (Chehalis)
Roy Point (Skowkale)
Agnes Quipp (Hope)
Ella Reid (Kilgard)
Philomena Seymour (Seabird Island)
Jean Silver (Sumas)
Cecilia Thomas (Seabird Island)
Henry Thomas (Seabird Island)
Raymond Thom (Lytton)
Sam Wallace (Soowahlie)

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