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Standard English Name(s): bull kelp
Local English Name(s) (if different from above): kelp
Scientific Name(s): Nereocystis luetkeana (Mert.) Post. & Rupr.
Upriver Halkomelem Name(s):
Downriver Halkomelem Name(s):
Island Halkomelem Name(s):

Description, Habitat, Ecology, & Distribution:
Bull kelp is one of the largest brown algae. It grows attached to the sea floor by a specialized rootlike structure called a holdfast. From this, a long stemlike stipe extends to the surface of the sea, terminating in an enlarged, spherical, hollow float from which the linear leaflike blades emanate. It occurs on rocks in the upper subtidal zone to a depth of several fathoms throughout coastal British Columbia. (A fathom is equal to 1.83 m [6 ft].)

Upriver Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
Downriver Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
Island Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):

     Bull kelp has been placed over the fire and ashes used to steam clams in order to provide moisture and flavour the clams.