Standard English Name(s): spirea, hardhack
Local English Name(s) (if different from above):
Scientific Name(s): Spiraea douglasii Hook.
Upriver Halkomelem Name(s): t'ec'ulhp
Downriver Halkomelem Name(s): t'ec'ulhp
Island Halkomelem Name(s):

Description, Habitat, Ecology, & Distribution:
Spirea is a thicket-forming shrub that produces tiny pink flowers in dense clusters. The flowers are pink to deep rose and tiny, but grouped in large numbers in long, narrow clusters. This plant occurs in moist to wet habitats such as streambanks, swamps, and lake margins. It is found throughout the coast.

Upriver Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
 The hard wood of this plant was used for making fish-spreaders for wind-drying fish. It was also used for mat-making needles, spoons, and spears.
Downriver Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):
The wood was used to spread the first sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) of the season. A decoction of the flowers was used for cleansing the lungs.
Island Halkomelem Cultural Role(s):

     The wood of spirea has been used to make spreaders when smoking fish.