1 Chawathil
2 Skawahlook
3 Ohamil
4 Peters
5 Seabird Island
6 Popkum
7 Cheam
8 Skway
9 Squiala
10 Skwah
11 Aitchelitz
12 Kwawkwawapilt
13 Yakweakwioose
14 Skowkale
15 Tzeachten
16 Soowahlie

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Upriver Halkomelem

This dialect is spoken by the people of the Fraser Valley between Abbotsford and Spuzzum. The people of this area refer to themselves as Sto:lo /sta:lo/, the Halkomelem word for "river". This area is probably the homeland of the Halkomelem people. There are many different reserves in the Upriver area. They fall into the following sub-dialects: Tait, Chehalis, Chilliwack, Pilalt, and Sumas. Many lexical differences exist between Upriver and the other dialects. Some examples are given in the discussion on the Halkomelem language. (Link to Halkomelem dialects).
     Phonologically, Upriver is very different from the other dialects. The sound /n/ has changed to /l/ in all positions, creating a complete merger of /n/ and /l/ in Upriver. Also, glottalized resonants have lost their glottalization, usually lengthening the preceding vowel. There is much loss of medial resonants, often resulting in vowel length. Upriver dialects have developed a pitch-accent or tone system. The Upriver Halkomelem data in this project mostly come from the work of Brent Galloway, who wrote the first grammar and dictionary and Upriver Halkomelem and developed the Sto:lo orthography and Halkomelem language program at the Coqualeetza Education Training Centre.