SFU Health Research Day 2016: Need & Offer Wall

You can find the requests and offers made on the Need & Offer Wall at SFU Health Research Day 2016 below. If you would like to post a request or offer here, please send an e-mail to fhscomm@sfu.ca.

NEEDED: Graduate students with fluency in Korean or Punjabi. Capable of conducting interviews with older adult immigrants. Please contact skoehn@sfu.ca

NEEDED: Graduate student with NVivo skills to deliver workshops and offer consultations around Qualitative Data Analysis Software. Please contact Heather DeForest hdefores@sfu.ca

NEEDED: Male participants under 50 years for daily study on stress: 7-day brief daily questionnaires + 7-day morning urine sample. Please contact Lieke ltenbrum@sfu.ca

NEEDED: Academic collaborators with capacity for grant writing to partner on population health research and program evaluation. Multiple topics defined by clinicians and health authority decision makers (e.g., health equity, chronic disease prevention, tobacco policy, infant and early childhood feeding, youth clinic access). Please contact rachel.douglas@fraserhealth.ca

NEEDED: Researchers interested in improving student mental health at SFU and other universities. Please contact Elliot Goldner egoldner@sfu.ca

OFFER: Visual analytics (VA) for fitness tracking; VA for health. Please contact shaw@sfu.ca

OFFER: Expertise in design and development of virtual environments for chronic disease management. Please contact gromala@sfu.ca

OFFER: Analysis of biological fluids for the quantification of biomarkers of stress, reproductive, energetic and immune physiology. Please contact Katrina Salvante kgsalvan@sfu.ca