Present Research

The 2014 SFU Health Research Day has 50 spots for En'lightening Round Presentations, which are designed to familiarize the audience with your research. Each oral presentation is limited to 2 minutes and 2 slides. 


**Morning Sessions are Full; Only afternoon sessions are available***



All participants wanting to present their research during the En'Lightening Rounds will need to submit their slides and an Abstract prior to the event. Please click below to download instructions and deadlines for slides and abstract submission.


Round 1:  Enlight’ning Presentations – 25 researchers will present between 11:15 - 12:20 pm

Round 2: Enlight’ning Presentations – 25 researchers will present between 3:00 – 3:55 pm

To register for an Enlight’ning Presentation:

  • Submit the title of your presentation
  • Select Round 1 or 2

Key Deadlines after registration:

You will receive an email by (?) confirming your presentation time and you will be asked to submit a finalized abstract of your presentation. This abstract will be used to produce electronic and print versions of a “2014 SFU Health Research Day Abstract Book” to be distributed on the day of the event.

Deadline for Finalized Abstract: March 17, 2014

Deadline for Finalized Slides: April 1, 2014