Instructor Support

As an instructor you play an important role in setting a positive and supportive tone that can go a long way in helping students to feel welcome and at ease.

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Whenever possible, let students know you care about them and their success 

Demystify your role by sharing an anecdote, joke, or sharing something about yourself

Be learner centered: “be interested in learners instead of trying to be an interesting teacher”

Provide constructive feedback and outline specific actions students can take to improve

Consider the “whole student” and the pressures and challenges the students may face outside your class

Consider alternative forms of office hours (for example skype, webconferencing, group office hours or canvas chat), and let students know what to expect from office hours

Personally invite small groups of students to attend office hours.


Network Member

Brenda Davison
Brenda showcases instructor support. She arrives early to lectures to speak individually with students to check in and seek their feedback.