Personal Development

By providing opportunities for personal and professional growth in class you can increase students' skills, resiliency and preparedness for the future.

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Bring in guest speakers to help students connect in class learning to their career development (SFU Alumni Relations)

Use journaling or other reflective activities to encourage personal growth (learn more)

Offer mindfulness or other skill building activities during class breaks or as part of the course (see sample)

Use activities and practices in class to help build intercultural competence (learn more).

Link students to resources that support their personal balance and well-being (see sample)

Encourage students to seek co-curricular and volunteer opportunities (for example Passport to Leadership, Mentorship Programs, or Peer Education)

Consider what skills students will need to succeed in life and in their careers and try to find ways to foster these in class (for example teamwork, communication, problem solving, empathy, initiative)