Instructor Checklist

As an instructor you may ask, do I create conditions for well-being my class? Below are some questions to consider:

  1. Do you provide opportunities for personal development of students?
  2. Do you provide students with flexibility throughout the course?
  3. Do you offer opportunities for social interaction in class and through assignments?
  4. Do you aim to provide students with an optimal challenge without overwhelming them?
  5. Do you aim to create a positive classroom culture?
  6. Do the course activities offer students a sense of making a valued contribution?
  7. Do you offer instructor support to students when possible?
  8. Do you aim to provide access to resources available on campus to support student well-being and success?
  9. Do you provide opportunities for experiential or real life learning?


Are there other things that you do in your class(es) that you feel support student well-being? Please let us know. Contact