Instructor Well-being

Instructor well-being is key to the success of students and the creation of learning environments that recognize and enhance well-being. “Education and research quality and the welfare of academic institutions are strongly linked to the well-being of faculty” (English & Avakian, 2012). There are a variety of resources, both in-person and online, available to instructors through Health and Counselling Services:

Resources for Staff and Faculty

Familiarize yourself with resources specific to Staff and Faculty that are available.

A-Z Resources

Check out an A-Z list of on and off campus resources available to support well-being.

Media Library

Includes free, downloadable audio and video recordings. Topics include Yoga, Mindfulness and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Events and Programs

Provides up-to-date information on recurring workshops offered through Health and Counselling Services including Mindfulness and Laughter Yoga.