Classroom Spaces

Classroom spaces impact how well students learn. Space features such as light, temperature, air quality and furniture arrangement which have been shown to impact student learning, also impact well-being.  As an instructor, you can create a supportive space for your students and for yourself by considering the following:


  • For small or large classes, project colourful images or play music as the backdrop for the start of class and/or breaks.
  • If your classroom is noticeably too hot or cold submit a Facilities Services request to report a heating, ventilation or air-conditioning (HVAC) issue. This can be done at
  • If possible, open any windows or doors prior to the start of class to air out the classroom, circulate fresh air and keep students alert.
  • If possible, arrange desks or tables in small clusters so that students can sit and work within groups of 3 or 4 which has been shown to reduce anxiety. At the end of class, ensure to return the desks or tables to their original position.
  • If possible, arrange desks or tables in a big square, circle or horseshoe shape which maximizes eye contact, supports larger class discussions and increases student accountability and attention span. At the end of class, ensure to return the desks or tables to their original position.

If you are interested in other ideas and resources for fostering well-being within your classes see Well-being in Learning Environments

DID YOU KNOW? - As an instructor you can request special room features through your departmental manager. Room features include operable windows and moveable furniture.

Upgraded Classrooms:

Robert C. Brown Active Learning Classrooms: Rooms 6125, 6336 and 5118

Robert C. Brown rooms 6125, 6336 and 5118 were recently renovated and retrofitted to create environments that nurture collaborative and active learning. If you are an instructor who regularly uses group work and collaborative learning activities these classrooms are ideal.

For more information about the RCB Active Learning classrooms, please visit:

Classroom Renewal Project

The Classroom Renewal Project is a university initiative to create better learning and teaching environments for students and faculty. Started in 2011, the project has completed significant upgrades to teaching and learning spaces each year. Read more at the link below.