Well-being Through Policy

Policy has a profound ability to impact student well-being. A policy may cause undue stress, anxiety or confusion through language and communication, the policy itself, or the procedures and processes relating to the policy. Alternatively, a policy can facilitate access to resources, services and supports and create a positive, supportive and inclusive culture on campus. 

SFU is one of few Canadian post-secondary institutions intentionally considering how policy impacts well-being. In order to better understand the SFU context, input was sought from two community consultation events and a focus group with key administrators and stakeholders. To support physical, social and mental well-being in policy development and review, please see: 

Well-being through SFU Policy: A Guide for Action
Well-being through SFU Policy: Worksheet

A pilot project is also underway, in partnership with the Associate Registrar, Senate and Academic Services to apply a well-being lens to policies within the Academic Calendar.