Is My Job a Co-op Job?

Criteria for Co-op jobs

Co-operative Education is a partnership between the employer - you, SFU and the student.  The Co-op component of a student's degree is integral to their formal education; each Co-op work term is worth academic credit and is reflected on the student's transcript.  The nature of the work is aligned with the student's academic discipline.  Students return to SFU to study after a 4, 8, or 12 month Co-op experience.

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To qualify as a Co-op job, a position must be:


As a Co-op supervisor, you are our co-educators. Your supervision of our student, and your regular, constructive feedback helps them grow professionally.

Related to student's academic program

The nature of the work should be aligned with the student's academic pursuits.


Co-op work terms must be paid at a rate comparable to industry norms. Students are encouraged to consider the educational benefit of a position rather than salary; however, salary is a factor in students' work term considerations.

The right length

420 hours minimum

Adheres to employment standards

SFU Co-op students are hired as employees of your organization. All employers operating within BC must adhere to the BC Employment Standards Act. SFU Co-op reserves the right to deny participation to any employer contravening this Act. Students complaints will be directed to the BC Ministry of Labour for resolution. Employers located outside BC must adhere to their regional and federal employment laws.