Part of the Department of History's 2014-2015 lecture series, This Just In: History and the Headlines

Although the Canada-U.S. border has tightened in recent decades, that boundary seems far more porous when we look to nature. Stories about species migrations, food chains, and bioaccumulation blur the distinctions between nation states and even species. Environmental historian Joseph Taylor will narrate a set of ecological stories about human history and marine ecology to illustrate how pollutants have been traveling around the Salish Sea for more than a century.

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Joseph Taylor is a Professor in the Department of History and an associate member of the Department of Geography at SFU. An Americanist and frontier historian, Dr. Taylor's research has focused on Pacific salmon fisheries and the history of modern rock climbing, changing ideas about the American West and the history of fisheries, fisheries science, and fisheries management on a global scale.

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Thu, 23 Oct 2014 5:30 PM

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