Programs of Study

MA in History

MA students take courses over two semesters including two compulsory courses.  In the fall semester they take HIST 814: Historical Methods and a Directed Readings course with their senior supervisor.  In the spring semester, they choose two courses and take HIST 815: Prospectus Workshop.  HIST 815 prepares students for the defence of a thesis prospectus that must take place at the end of the spring semester. The culmination of the MA program is a thesis (60 to 80 pages). An MA in History at SFU typically takes between 4 and 6 semesters to complete and provides students with skills and experience in research and writing that prepare them for PhD programs. Many of our students publish journal articles from their MA theses.

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PhD in History

Our doctoral program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive command of several discrete fields of historiography and a sophistocated understanding of their main area of expertise. In their first year, students take one course (often HIST 814) and begin preparing for their three fields. Students sit examinations or submit historiographical essays in order to demonstrate knowledge of their fields in their fourth semester. An oral examination follows. Students present and defend their dissertation prospectus to their supervisory committee in their fifth semester. Then they engage in independent research and writing. A monthly Candidates' seminar and a monthly doctoral students' writing group provides support during the writing stage, along with that offered by the supervisory committee. Our program is structured so that doctoral students may complete all requirements in four to six years. SFU doctoral students have gone on to publish important monographs based on their dissertations.

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