Elise Chenier: Why we shouldn't invoke Jim Crow to fight for LGBT issues

February 27, 2014

Dr. Elise Chenier's article about the uses and abuses of history in the fight against Arizona Senate Bill 1062 was featured on Rabble.ca today. Read an except below, and visit the Rabble website for the full article.

  • Using images like this to argue against Arizona's anti-gay law bill without, at the same time, articulating a clear anti-racist and anti-colonial critique reproduces the same politics. The fact is, there are plenty of restaurants and other public services that people of colour and Natives avoid, or where they are openly discriminated against. To suggest that the lesson has been learned, that there is not still discrimination at lunch counters, erases contemporary racism. We know too well that racism and settler colonialism is alive and well in America, and elsewhere.
Visit Elise Chenier's blog to read more of her work.

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