Video: Joe Hill's Secret Canadian Hideout by PhD candidate Ron Verzuh

January 08, 2014

Growing up in the West Kootenays, PhD candidate Ron Verzuh had long heard stories about Joe Hill. The rumour was that the infamous Wobbly protest singer had hidden from the authorities in the Rossland Miners' Union Hall.

These stories piqued Verzuh's curiosity. "I decided to don my historian’s hat and go looking for him," Verzuh said. "It wasn’t so much a search for the man as for evidence that the ideas and values he represented were still part of that old hall and the community where it has stood since 1898."

Verzuh has used his findings to put together Joe Hill's Secret Canadian Hideout, a short film that explores Hill's legacy in Rossland. "I found what I was looking for," Verzuh said, "and this video is my way of sharing it."

Read more about the making of Joe Hill's Secret Canadian Hideout in the Rossland News.

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