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Undergraduate Courses

Outlines will be added to this page as they become available. Course offerings are subject to change.

*Last updated July 14, 2020


102W    Canada since Confederation | Leier

106         The Making of Modern Europe | SUR | Doxiadis

132         Global Environmental History | SFUNOW SUR | Adcock

151         The Modern Middle East | SUR | Kuehn

185         Studies in History: title tbc | Walshaw

185         Studies in History: Settler Colonialism in World History| Windel

200         Making History: Introduction to Historical Research | Pabel

204         The Social History of Canada | TBD

206         Imperial Japan (ca.1868-1952) | Matsumura

213         The United States Since 1877 | Taylor

215         The Making of the British Isles | Craig

225         20th Century Europe | Vinkovetsky

243         A Brief History of India | Ray

249         Classical Islamic Civilization  | TBD

255         China since 1800 | SI

277HIST/HS         History of Greek Civilization | C900 | SI

304HIST HS         Alexander the Great | C900 |SI

323         Canadian Prairies | Adcock

326HIST/FNST    History of Aboriginal Peoples of North America since 1850 | TBD

330W     Canadian Controversies: title tbc | HC | Keough

332         Politics and Culture in Modern Germany :  title tbc | Rossi

335         The Soviet Project | Vinkovetsky

338         World War II | C900 | Rossi

355         The Arab Middle East in the 20th Century | Sedra

372         City Life | Kenny

402         Renaissance Italy | O'Brien

404         Problems in Early Modern England: title tbc | Craig

417W    Problems in Modern French History: title tbc | Panchasi

425W     Gender and History | Ray

430F       French Americas | Kenny

432 HIST/GEO   Problems in Environmental History: title tbc |Taylor

433W     Italian Films, Italian Histories | Sicilian Mafia | Garfinkel

438W    Problems in History of the British Empire | Windel

440         Selected Topics in United States History: title tbc | HC | Ferguson

464         Problems in Modern Asian History: title tbc |Matsumura

465         The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict | Sedra

476 HIST/HS       Modern Greece | Doxiadis

479W     Contentious Problems in Modern Chinese History: title tbc | Brown

494         Honours Seminar | Walshaw



HC = Harbour Centre
SUR = Surrey
DE = Distance Ed
SI = Sessional Instructor TBA
F = French language course
STT = Special Temporary Topics course
TBD =  to be determined

C900 = New online format


Undergraduate Advisor

Tessa Wright
AQ 6025


All advising is now being done remotely, contact Tessa with your name, questions and student number at histadv@sfu.ca .