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Feedback Form

We launched an initial test version of this site for feedback on June 17, 2003 and launched the site live on July 10, 2003.

Over the rest of the summer we will continue to solicit feedback and tweak the site accordingly. For your feedback to be as useful as possible please be as specific as you can, for example if you have found a bug that needs reporting, it is very important that we know what browser and operating system you are using so we can replicate what you see when we test the issue in an identical environment.

There are some mandatory questions at the beginning of this form, and then you need only fill in what's applicable. If you are reporting a broken or missing link there is a question relating to that too. Before you submit a bug report, please check the Known Bugs page as well. The Known Bugs page will try to keep an updated list of issues that we are dealing with. If you find your issue on the Known Bugs page then we are advised of the issue and have included it on a list of items to revise.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to send us feedback.

   Mandatory questions are marked with *
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2. What is your User Group? *

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3. From which SFU Campus Site did you access this form? *
data from each campus is returned to that specific campus

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7. If you are reporting a bug, please describe in the text field below.

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8. How would you rate the new site? *

Why or Why not (be specific)
9. Do you feel the new site accurately represents SFU?

Why or Why not (be specific)
10. Can you find the links or equivalent links you most often use?

Why or Why not (be specific)
11. Are there any broken links?

If "yes", List page URL(s) and Link(s) ... it is important that you are specific.

12. Have we included everything global to the university on the home page?

Why or Why not (be specific)
13. Did you find the interface easy to understand?

Why or Why not (be specific)
14. Do you find the site easy to navigate?

Why or Why not (be specific)
15. Is all the text clear and easy to read?

Why or Why not (be specific)
16. Do you have any additional comments?

  Site Design: LIDC@SFU