Supporting the use of masks in indoor common areas

SFU people leaders have an important role to play in building and maintaining a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Leaders are asked to first ensure their teams are familiar with the specifics regarding where face coverings are required and where employees have some discretion. See Mask Guidelines on the Return to Campus website for details.

When engaging in a conversation about layers of protection on campus, all faculty, staff and students are expected to address visitors, patrons and peers in a positive and supportive manner. As a people leader, you are asked to role model supportive and respectful behaviours when sharing information and reminders with members of the university community.

If you become aware of an employee not wearing a mask in a common indoor space, please start with sharing information and reminding of the requirements.

For employees who continue to not wear a face covering despite reminders, approach from a place of curiosity. Here are speaking points that may help start the conversation:

  • I noticed that you were not wearing a mask. I have reminded you a couple of times of the requirement to wear a mask in indoor common spaces.
  • Is there a reason you are not wearing a face covering?
  • How can I support you?
  • If the employee indicates that they require an exemption from wearing a mask, please connect them with the Wellness & Recovery team for disability related accommodations or complete a workplace accommodation application for exemptions based on other protected grounds.
  • If an employee does not have an exemption and is unwilling to wear a mask in required areas, ensure they understand that disregarding the requirement may result in progressive discipline.
  • You may wish to discuss how to address repeated occurrences with your HR Strategic Business Partner.