The process to change the source(s) from which RAs employed under Funds 13 or the 30s are paid has been simplified.

A few things to note

If the need arises to change the funding source for an RA during their appointment period, use the revised PAF. This can be done without affecting other terms of the appointment.

  • It is no longer necessary to submit a PAF for each funding source. 
  • It is no longer necessary to end an appointment then re-appoint in order to change the funding source.
  • It is still necessary for the grant’s signing authority to sign the PAF.         
  • It is still necessary for Research Accounting and/or Finance to review the change.


Revising the funding source(s) for existing RAs

If the funding source(s) need to be changed during an RA appointment period, complete the employee information on pages 1 and 2 (Section 3) of the newly revised PAF.


"Funding Change Only" box at the top to indicate you’re only making a change to the funding source.


New funding source information and the revised dates to end those sources on the table on page 2 in Section 3.

Changing the funding source end date on the current funding source does not affect the appointment end date, it indicates when the charges to that funding source end – which needs to match with the date the new funding source will begin.

If there are also significant changes to the RA’s employment terms e.g. increase or decrease in the number of hours worked, change to the rate of pay or a change in job duties, a new contract is likely required. See the Appointing tab to initiate this. In this case do not check the “Funding Change Only” box.

If the change in funding source(s) affects the Supervisor’s ability to employ the RA, the contract must be ended early. See the Concluding tab to initiate this.


Submitting the PAF to change funding source(s)