Revised PAF - for use when appointing, re-appointing, ending an appointment or changing the funding source for RAs in Fund 13 and the 30s.

Duties checklist "shortcut" for use when completing the PAF - submit with the PAF or paste content into the "Duties" box on page 4

Fact Sheet for Supervisors - highlights of things to consider

If your department uses a customized system for processing PAFs, please use that version!


Planning Tools, Calculators and Queries

Log into myINFO to run the following queries:

  • Valid work Visa for temporary foreign workers: SFUDA_9SIN_REHIRE
  • Work assignments/ Other employment at SFU: SFUDA_WORK_ASSIGNMENTS
  • RAs that have been transitioned to employees of SFU: SFUDA_RA_ADMINISTER_EES 


Human Resources & Payroll 


Employment Standards

SFU Policies

  • Policy Gazette
  • GP 18      Human Rights Policy
  • GP 37      Conflict of Interest
  • GP 44      Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education and Support
  • I 10.04    Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
  • R 20.01   Ethics Review of Research Involving Human Participants
  • R30.03    Intellectual Property Policy
  • R 60.01   Integrity in Research and Misconduct in Research


Orientation for new employees

Labour Relations

Immigration Services