Save Time & Money with PBC Member Services – December 2020

December 15, 2020

Breaking down the cost of prescription drugs

Rising drug costs are making it harder for people to afford prescription drugs. When filling your prescription at the pharmacy, have you ever wondered what makes up the price of your drugs and if there are any ways to help reduce the cost?

Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN):

Did you know, as a member of SFU’s group Extended Health Plan with Pacific Blue Cross (PBC), you can save on prescriptions by shopping within PBC’s Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN).  PBC has partnered with leading pharmacy retailers to offer guaranteed low prices and dispensing fees to all plan members in BC.  Every time you fill your prescription at a PPN location, you will save money out of pocket and help to keep drug benefits sustainable for all.

You will also receive:

  • Up to 100-day prescription refills, saving you money on dispensing fees
  • Free home delivery
  • The option to sign up for refill reminders, so you don’t miss taking your medication
  • Advice on patient assistance programs to help pay for specialty, high-cost drugs
  • Assistance in applying for coverage for drugs that require special authorization from BC PharmaCare
  • Access to educational services to help manage your health and wellbeing
  • Additional Member discounts on related products and services

(note: services may vary by pharmacy)

Simply show your PBC ID card at any PPN location, fill your prescription and you will automatically become part of the network.  PPN locations include: Costco, London Drugs, Save on Foods, Safeway, Thrifty Foods.  Find a Preferred Pharmacy location near you.

Pharmacy Compass:

  • Find pharmacies near you using PBC’s Pharmacy Compass
  • Compare prescription prices & dispensing fees
  • Locate pharmacies that have instant PharmaCare special authority confirmation

Save Time, Claim Online:

Electronic claims continue without interruption and are fast and easy.  Visit your Member Profile or download PBC’s free mobile app to:

  • Set up direct deposit
  • Submit scanned receipts and health claims
  • Receive payment in as little as 48 hours
  • Review benefit coverage details and claims history
  • Find insta-claim providers

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