Department of Humanities


In the Department of Global Humanities at SFU, students read and study the great texts of Western and Eastern civilizations from Ancient Greece to Modern Germany, from Taoism to Christianity, from the Italian fresco to Chinese film.

Humanities courses appeal to students who are curious about many diverse areas such as classical and medieval studies, modern thought and culture, Renaissance humanism, and eastern and western religions. Crossing disciplinary boundaries, students will learn to pose questions and address concerns central to understanding the human condition.

Through an interdisciplinary approach to classical, medieval, renaissance, and modern culture, the study of the humanities raises critical questions about the achievements and controversies associated with the human condition. Students are encouraged to examine the knowledge and ideas central to the humanities and to integrate these concerns in original and critical ways.

Courses are available at the Burnaby Mountain, Surrey and Vancouver - Harbour Centre campuses, and are offered both in the day and evening.

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