December 17, 2017

Welcome to the new SFU Institute for the Humanities Website!

The new Institute website is built within a platform (content management system) that has been adopted by Simon Fraser University as a system-wide standard. Our website, however, has been designed/adapted within these standard parameters for a unique look and feel. You will recognize that there is a more open and lighter feel than most SFU departments and institutes.

Most pages have unique banners that add artistic and thematic depth to the viewing/reading experience. We will be emphasizing a more visual experience with images, image galleries and videos, as we add new materials. Most pages have social media links - so if you are impressed with the information, please share it with others!

You can find upcoming lectures and conference on the Events page of the Institute. The Institute Director, Samir Gandesha has a News Page, where you can view frequently updates tweets as well as ongoing Directors messages. View issues of the Institute's Contours Journal, and meet all the People that make up the Institute community.

We hope you enjoy the new SFU Institute for the Humanities website and visit often!