Repeal Bill C-51 Conference

February 28, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 12:30PM–4:30PM, Room 2270, SFU Harbour Centre

Organized by the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 and co-sponsored by the Human Rights & International Solidarity Committee, Local 21 of FPSE

2016 Conference

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For over one year now, people across Canada as well as a diverse movement of major human rights, legal, academic, media and civil liberties organizations have raised their collective voice in opposition to the “Police State” Bill C-51. After the Bill was rushed through parliament, with both the Conservative and Liberal parties voting in favour, the demand became, “Repeal Bill C-51!” Already over 311,000 people across Canada have signed an online petition demanding the repeal of Bill C-51, making it one of the most popular petitions in the history of Canada.

Since taking office over three months ago Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have almost entirely avoided the pressing issue of Bill C-51, and have made no concrete commitments regarding it. This means that the many secretive, anti-democratic and human rights violating aspects of Bill C-51 are still in full force.

It has become very clear that the broad movement which opposed Bill C-51 from the very beginning must continue to organize to repeal one of the most despised laws in the history of Canada. The Working Group to Stop Bill C-51 is nearing one year of consecutive weekly actions against Bill C-51, and is now inviting all the many diverse groups and individuals concerned with Bill C-51 to come together to discuss how to move forward to defeat the Bill once and for all!


Official Musqueam Welcome by Audrey Siegl

12:30PM - 2:30PM
What is the State of Bill C-51 Today?

- Micheal Vonn, BC Civil Liberties Association
- Dr. Samir Gandesha, Director of SFU Institute for the Humanities
- Charles Boylan, Coordinator of the Working Group to Stop Bill C-51

Chair: Jean Ardila, Human Rights & International Solidarity Committee of the Education & Training Employee Association (ETEA)

2:30PM – 4:30PM
Building the Movement to Repeal Bill C-51

- Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice President of Union of BC Indian Chiefs
- George Davison, President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators (FPSE)
- Thomas Davies, Working Group to Stop Bill C-51

Chair: Bowinn Ma, P.Eng, Stop Bill C-51 - United We Stand