The Pandemic and the Future of Public Health: Surviving COVID-19 and Preparing for the Next Crisis

February 24, 2021

Colleen Fuller, Stephane Bilodeau, & Ishmam Bhuiyan

Wednesday, February 24, 5:00PM–6:30PM PST, Via Zoom Webinar (Registration Required)

Organized by SFU's Institute for the Humanities

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Part of the COVID-19 Lecture Series: "Thinking Through The Pandemic"

Earlier this year COVID-19 tore through long-term care facilities in B.C. and across Canada, leaving a trail of death and shock in its wake. The pandemic exposed the crisis of elder care in our society, a crisis exacerbated by privatization and precarious low-paid work in this vital sector. More generally, the pandemic has shown there remain big gaps in our public health care system, from preventative health to pharma and dental care and elder care, Canada is far from the ideal of truly universal and comprehensive health care.

Join the SFU Institute of Humanities for an expert online panel presentation and discussion on the pandemic and the future of public health.


Colleen Fuller, a Vancouver-based independent health policy researcher whose areas of expertise include health care and pharmaceutical policy.
Stephane Bilodeau, Engineer and spokesperson for Quebec's COVID-STOP coalition.
Ishmam Bhuiyan, COVID-19 Coming Together (Vancouver).