Panel Discussion of #eagoraoque (Film Available to View Now)

March 12, 2021

Vladimir Safatle, John Abromeit, Miriam Madureira, & Samir Gandesha

Friday, March 12, 5:30PM–7:00PM PST, Via Zoom Webinar (Registration Required)

Organized by SFU's Institute for the Humanities

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Film Synopsis

How to act today politically? Is it possible to change things, people, society? And now, what to do? An intellectual and his contradictions.

The film expresses our anxiety and exasperation with the political situation not only in Brazil but also in the entire world. The extreme right wing grows every day. Left activists and intellectuals simply do not know how to react. The University seems more and more distant from the outskirts’ people. Each political and social group speaks its own language. So, now, in this chaotic and dystopian scenery, what should we do? Fiction and reality are mixed in this urgent search for answers.


Vladimir Safatle is a Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at University of São Paulo, has been a visiting scholar at UC - Berkeley, and an invited professor at Université de Paris VII, Paris VIII, Toulouse, and Louvain. 

John Abromeit is a Professor of History at the State University of New York, Buffalo State. He is the author of Max Horkheimer and the Foundations of the Frankfurt School (Cambridge UP, 2011) and co-editor of Transformations of Populism in Europe and the Americas: History and Recent Tendencies (Bloomsbury, 2016).

Miriam Madureira is currently a Professor of Philosophy at the Humanities Department of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Cuajimalpa, in Mexico City, and has been a Fellow of the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften of the Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt am Main.

Samir Gandesha is currently Associate Professor in the Department of the Humanities and the Director of the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University. He specializes in modern European thought and culture, with a particular emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

Film with English Subtitles

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