Panel on Ethical Consumption

April 15, 2019

Dylan Jones, Lisa Papania, Matt Livingston, & Brianne Miller

Monday, April 15, 6:00PM–8:00PM, Room 7000, SFU Harbour Centre

Sponsored by SFU's J.S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities

Due to the pressing nature of global issues such as climate change, economic inequality, food production and distribution, and re-examining entrenched human-animal relationships, ethical consumption is on the rise in the West. This shift is reflected in the Vancouver community by leaders, citizen groups, and firms that prioritize these issues. 

What classifies food as ethical and as these options become more available, what responsibilities do we have as consumers? Food choices are no longer a question of what’s for dinner but have become representations of our own individual beliefs and values. 

This public event features leaders in Vancouver’s ethical consumption who are actively challenging the way we think about food and our access to it. 


Dylan Jones is the founder of and CEO of Coast Protein Inc. Coast Protein is world leading in sustainable real-food CPG product development and education. They are the first company in North America to launch all-natural cricket protein bars and powders as complementary product lines. Dylan has spoken about the future of edible insects in person across Canada, in Silicon Valley, and has received media attention from the CBC, BNN, CBS, Forbes, and Inc. Dylan is passionate about giving back to the community. He has sat as director and treasurer of the New Westminster Environmental Partners and is currently a YELL Entrepreneurship Mentor to high school kids.  

Lisa Papania teaches and researches sustainability, entrepreneurship and business marketing at Simon Fraser University's Beedie School of Business. She has a PhD from SFU in Canada, and an MBA from Wits Business School in South Africa. Lisa’s focus is on creating a circular, community-focused entrepreneurial economy. Lisa’s mission is to equip students to be leaders who see the uncertainty of our present as an opportunity to shape the future positively. Lisa's research and teaching focus increasingly on the environments and circumstances that enable and encourage individuals to identify their own paths to intentionally creating and contributing to meaningful change. Her research and teaching focuses on engaging students in developing innovative solutions in consideration of local and broader social and environmental issues. In 2015 Lisa created an action research project, Lupii Cafe, to enact, support and study positive community-focused sustainability interventions. Lupii Cafe is a community-focused, sustainable, zero waste initiative aimed at improving the resilience of Lisa's immediate and broader community over time.

Matt Livingston is the sustainability lead for, an omni-channel grocery company specializing in local & organic foods with locations in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton. Originally from Toronto, Matt spent his early career in the skateboard industry and still runs the B certified Comet Skateboards as a passion project. Since starting at SPUD in 2015, Matt has created a B Corp committee responsible for overseeing the development of new sustainability & community initiatives. Together, that committee has launched several industry-first initiatives including a pilot test for reusable produce bags, a reusable container lunch program and created Canada's most sustainable meal kit. In his spare time, you can either find Matt at the skatepark or on a really long bike ride somewhere in the forest.

Brianne Miller is a marine biologist turned entrepreneur with a passion for driving positive change. As an expert in zero waste living, she loves connecting people to their environment and coming up with creative solutions to complex conservation problems. Having seen firsthand the devastating impacts of our current food system on the oceans (including climate change, habitat degradation, marine pollution, overfishing, and bycatch to name a few!), she is committed to revolutionizing the food system from the ground up so that future generations can continue to enjoy and benefit from the world’s oceans. Brianne has nine years of international field and laboratory experience in aquatic biology, tropical ecology, and marine mammal science. She has designed, implemented, and coordinated various marine research projects through numerous stakeholders including academia, government, industry, and non-profit organizations. Since founding Nada, she has been thrown into Vancouver’s dynamic social entrepreneurship scene and is loving every minute of it!