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J.S. Woodsworth Chair in the Humanities

Adapted from the Institute for the Humanities web site

The J.S. Woodsworth Endowment mandates a full-time teaching position in the department of Humanities and provides funding for other positions and community activities, where possible, in order to recognize the contribution of J.S. Woodsworth to Canada.

As a member of parliament, a clergyman and social reformer, Woodsworth was a social activist whose contributions to issues of social justice has left a legacy that strongly influenced Canadian political traditions based on equity, social obligation, and civic responsibility. The holder of the Woodsworth Chair combines teaching and research with active engagement in issues concerning the wider community, local and national as well as international.

The holder of the Woodsworth Chair works with the Director of the Institute for the Humanities and other faculty to further public understanding of the J.S. Woodsworth Endowment mandate.

Suggested Reading

G. MacInnis, J.S. Woodsworth, A Man to Remember (1953).

Kenneth McNaught, A Prophet in Politics (1959).

J.S. Woodsworth, The Strangers Within Our Gates (1908, repr 1972).

J.S. Woodsworth, My Neighbor (1910, repr 1972).

The Woodsworth Initiative, Historica’s one-minute movies